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Hey, I'm Courtney (she/her). I'm a firm believer I am not for everyone. I can be loud, awkward, and border on strange. I see things just a bit differently than most of the world - and I'm okay with that! I think my oddness gives me an edge as an artist. 

Getting to know my clients and your unique stories is my favorite part of the job. When it comes to my work I'm a fan of the funky and fun. I love trying new things in composition, technique and in portrait posing (ugh I hate the word posing - let's do prompts, it's so much easier and natural). 

I want to work with people that have cool products, companies, and are just badass to be around. 

I wish I didn't need to tell people this: I am LGBTQ+/Cana/Dog/Conservative/Liberal/Cool People Everything friendly. 

If you want to work with me too - check the booking link. Let's have some freakin' fun.