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Portrait work is the traditional bread and butter for "mom togs" and pros a like. Luckily I have experience in professional momming, and photography. 


If you're not familiar with how I do portraits, it may be a bit different than others you've worked with. I'm a boutique and inclusive photographer. What that means is a take time and pride in designing a session that will fit the mood, vibe and style you're after from selecting location to helping you solve the mysteries of styling for a professional photo session. There's this thing called "shoot and burn" which basically means you show up to a spot, take some pictures and then the photographer upload the images to a disc - or ya know, in the 21st century a web drive - and calls it good. They may or may not give an actual shit on investing time into you, your family and your portraits. It's not wrong - there's definitely something for everyone - but I like, ummuh, give a damn. Your portraits, be they family photos, senior portraits, maternity, couples, boudoir - anything with your face or one you love as a subject - will have my full attention. 


I am known for location scouting, casual "prompt" style posing, and artistic delivery. 


I loathe stuffy, formal photos. I thrive on wild, free, let it be. Candid and personal artwork is my bag. 


Booking with me means I'll take care of find the right spot and time for your photos, help you plan the outfits and styling for your session, hand editing images, and then presenting you with an in person viewing. 


I offer two routes in terms of package options: Session + Artwork selections or a full digital option for those that know early on they want digitals. The main differences are the full digital will include everything I mentioned above, but instead of an in-person viewing to order art work, I send you a download link with the images on it for digital safekeeping and printing at your discretion. A session + artwork option means you pay for the session fee only at time of booking, and then any other costs are for artwork and depends entirely on what you may like to order.  Typically, in family photo sessions for example, average total investments are somewhere between $500-1000, with a range in albums, wall art and a number of digital copy options. The minimum spend for portraits is $200.  


I invite you to tell me a little bit about the style and look of the portraits you'd like to have captured on my contact form. 

Popular Genres

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Family Photos

Thriving on the raw and unscripted, when you shoot family pictures with me the focus will be on each other. Very few posed, and no stick up the butt expression shots. For the love of all things holy, no matching white t-shirts and khaki pants. I'll help you style for the vibe of your family. 

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Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photos are sexy, sultry and get as down and dirty as you want. You can be a little shy and coy with the camera - it's all in the act of the flirt, oh you can go C R A Z Y. It's all about your comfort level. Couples are welcome! Bridal boudoir, celebrations for yourself - anything goes. Except for cliche cheap lingerie and stupid props. Girl, don't worry, we do sexy the right way round here. I've been teaching flowing posing to other photographers since 2016. 

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Couples and Engagement Pictures

You don't have to be engaged to have photos with your significant other. However we will always try to have so much fun you forget why we're there. You'll be too busy enjoying each other to worry about a camera. 

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