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I'll say it to start: I'm probably not the price shopper's photographer. I had this boss before I went to work for myself that always talked about "The Triangle." You could have one thing, sometimes two, seldom three. In this case, for photography there are: Cheap. Fast. Quality. For me, the focus is ALWAYS quality. Speed of delivery has a few variables, mostly how booked I am. Depending on your budget, you might decide my artwork is quite the investment. And it is. Because when you book with me you're getting years of expertise. You'll get every bit of passion I have coupled with knowing you're hiring a licensed, insured, certified professional. You'll get creative art that will hang on your walls for years, and albums that can be passed on as heirlooms for generations to come. Clients don't book with me because of my price point. People book with me for a service experience - and I pride myself on delivering that experience with a smile. 

To learn more about my pricing, please contact me. There's a few examples of what I offer and starting ranges below. Nothing is end all be all. Make sure to sign up for my email list for seasonal offers and specials. 

Weddings Couples Fams


I don't photograph assholes. Bridezillas need not inquire. Want to have an awesome time and make epic art? Cool.

Weddings $1250+ People $195+
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Commodities + Commercial


You can't sell shit with bad imagery. That's that, Jack.

By Image Count / Day Rates
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Branding + Ad


Have a tale to tell? Professional storytelling campaigns entice your audience with emotional connections. 

Licensing / Day Rates
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