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Kansas City senior photographer

Alright, let's lay it out straight from the get-go: I'm not your go-to gal if you're hunting for bargain basement prices. Back in the day, my old boss was all about "The Triangle" – you know, that elusive trio where you could have one thing, maybe two, but almost never three. In the wild world of photography, it boils down to this: Cheap. Fast. Quality. Guess where I plant my flag?


You got it – quality. It's my North Star. Crafting top-tier artwork and high-voltage experiences? That's my jam.

Speed, well, that's a bit of a wild card depending on how packed my schedule is. We deliver well under the industry average, I can tell ya that for sure! Yeah, my art might hit your wallet, but it's an investment – a ticket to years of battle-tested expertise. Booking me isn't just tapping a shutter jockey; it's bringing in a licensed, insured, and certified pro. You're not just getting a snap; you're snagging a piece of my passion, wrapped in creative vibes destined to grace your walls for eons. Albums? Oh, they're not just books; they're heirlooms, whispering tales for generations.

So, if you're on the hunt for a budget-friendly shutterbug, I'm not your person. My clients don't pick me for a price tag; they roll in for an experience – one that comes with a side of smiles and a dash of top-notch service.

To learn more about my pricing, please contact me. There's starting prices on each genres respective pages. Nothing is end all be all. Make sure to sign up for my email list for seasonal offers and specials. 

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