Stag & Bird Weddings

My Approach

I'm a bit of a sucker for real, dirty, messy, passion. I think raw moments are the best ones. My style is all about honest emotions and natural photos. Of course I'll give some prompts and guidance, but I can't stand the awkward old school wedding industry "poses." I do my very best to make you feel comfortable. I want to capture the spirit of your story - sometimes that's easy and simple, other times it's ragged and raw. 

I don't have set wedding prices. Your wedding or elopement isn't the same as Bill and Sarah's or Kevin and Todd's (yes, I am very LGBTQ friendly!). I think it's bullshit to have copy cat quotes for everyone. I want you to fill out my contact form, we will chat and then together make a set of options you can chose from. You take the reins in creating the way you want your memories captured - from services to price. 

I know, you're like "Come ON, Court. I need to know what you cost." I want to try my best to fit what you want into your budget. My most often selected packages are typically in the $2800-$4000 range. I have done many a nuptial above and below those prices.  

KC's premier artist-for-hire. Courtney Staton is an internationally published BMX and Motocross Photographer, a known prompt-pose specialist as a family photographer, and a quirky, moody editor as a wedding photographer in Kansas City. 


Stag & Bird Photography by Courtney Staton, LLC