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My Approach

I'm a bit of a sucker for real, dirty, messy passion. I think raw moments are the best ones. My style is all about honest emotions and natural photos. Of course I'll give some prompts and guidance, but I can't stand the awkward old school wedding industry "poses." I do my very best to make you feel comfortable. I want to capture the spirit of your story - sometimes that's easy and simple, other times it's ragged and raw. 

I don't have set wedding prices. Your wedding or elopement isn't the same as Bill and Sarah's or Kevin and Todd's (yes, I am very LGBTQ+ friendly!). I think it's bullshit to have copy cat quotes for everyone. I want you to fill out my contact form, we will chat and then together make a set of options you can chose from. You take the reins in creating the way you want your memories captured - from services to price. 

I know, you're like "Come ON, Court. I need to know what you cost." I want to try my best to fit what you want into your budget. My most often selected packages are typically in the $3800-$4500 range. You can expect a traditional wedding to start no less than $2800, local elopements at $1250 and up.

Want to have an elopement but you don't want to plan beyond requesting a marriage license? I can coordinate everything from where, to your officiant, and an intimate champagne and wedding cake toast reception for you and your partner. Inclusive, curated elopement experiences begin at $3,500 and are considered turn-key elopements where your only obligation is to show up and say I Do! View more at The Curated Elopement Experience.

A special note: if you're a dick or a bridezilla, this ain't gonna work. I will do you everything I can to make your wedding day incredible. Don't give me a '101 shots your photographer needs' list from Pinterest. That shit will go in the trash. We're not here to get you The Knot special. This is the kind of art that - that like your love - is gonna fucking last. 

If this sounds gravy, baby, hop on over to this link and complete the contact form. We can get going from there. 

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