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Welcome to Kansas City's Unapologetically Different Photographer. 

just who the hell do I think I am?

Hey, I'm Court!


I'm a firm believer I am not for everyone. I can be loud, goofy, and borderline ridiculous. I say what I think and mean what I say. I am too much for many. That's okay, they can go find less.

Getting to know our clients and your unique stories is my favorite part of the job. When it comes to my work I'm a fan of the funky and fun. I love trying new things in composition and technique.​

We want to work with people that have cool personalities, products, companies, and are just badass to be around. My goal is to create a voice and tone that match your style - be it personal for weddings, portraits or brand continuity for products and commercial work.


I make sure to run this business in the same way I live my life: No bullshit, no unnecessary fluff with a lot of heart, talent and love for what I do. With that, this team and I create imagery that tells stories and spotlights the important stuff while maintaining an easy-going but consistent and professional photography firm.


Fun, random facts: I love cactus. I struggle to keep succulents alive and when my grandma died she left her babies to me. Unfortunately I killed them all, so I have them tattooed on my arm instead. Sorry, Grandma. I also love tattoos, motorcycles, CrossFit, my boys and my dreadlock hair (I'm actually a loctitician for funnies!). I have two sons and an amazing fiancé  that all race motocross and BMX, and we love that lifestyle. My sister company focuses on racing stories and imagery and can be found at I co-own 2A Marketing in Belton, MO with my business partner.

I wish I didn't need to tell people this: This company is LGBTQ+ / Cannabis / Animal / Conservative / Liberal / Cool People Everything friendly. Basically, as long as you're not an ass hat, we're happy to work with you.

If you want to work with us too - click the contact link. Let's have some freakin' fun. 


The Unapologetically Different Photographer

Courtney Crutcher-staton

Courtney CRUTCHER staton

stag & bird photography

Belton, mo & Kansas City, mo

Meet The Team

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Owner, Principal Photographer

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Associate Photographer



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Assistant Photographer

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Assistant Photographer

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Photographer's Assistant, BTS Guy


Chandlar Jo

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Hair & Makeup Artist, Energy Healer

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Videographer, Producer

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