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"2024 Trends" Posts Gotta Stop.

I am so over these “Try these Trends Posts.” Not that I dont appreciate a killer setup or a wild idea, but honestly, Im more intrigued by the songs that make your heart race, not what Sally Sue at BridesRUs says is the next viral first dance playlist.

I think couples are being sold trends just for the sake of pockets being picked.

I wanna know that you chose your jewelry because it was exactly the big WoW you wanted, not because someone in a sad beige house told you the minimalist look is the only thing this spring.

Fireworks for your exit - sweet - but is that LOOK-AT-WHAT-WE-CAN-DO vibe YOU? Are you the type to rock a ceremony gown, a reception dress and an after party jumpsuit?

Now, here’s the real talk - do you genuinely dig motion blur photography, or did a Reel convince you it’s cool? And let’s get down and dirty about your photographer - do they actually know how to shoot a speakeasy reception, or did they create three cool photographs in post production from a styled wedding?

Before succumbing to the pressure of riding the trend wave or crafting your entire wedding based on some forecasted list, let’s hit pause. Take a damn second and ask yourself, “Does this vibe with us as a couple?” It’s easy to get swayed, but digging deep is a whole other beast.

Trends? They’re like cold sparklers at a reception - dazzling for a hot minute, then gone.

The stuff you genuinely love, though? That’s timeless, my friend. Do more of that shit.

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