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A Poly Triad Thruple Session

Their story isn't mine to tell. It's not my business to share how these three souls met and fell in love. What I can tell you is watching Kodi with his wife Brandy and their soulmate girlfriend April, is like watching three people who all live in such synchronized joy and love. I shot Brandy + Kody's wedding back in early 2020, just before the world shut down and their engagement session clear back five years ago in 2019.

Kodi + Brandy have been longtime, wonderfully supportive clients. They were some of the first to rsvp to last year's studio open house - with third, April. April is an absolute light and the three of them together is really something special. Shooting this session on the banks of the Missouri River in Kansas City - even though we were all freezing - was such a killer time.

We welcome and encourage everyone to find the lives and love that feels right to them, where they are encouraged, safe, and happy. These three show case that.

Thanks for trusting us with your family photos. We love a bit odd, strange and fun. Just like all of us.


The Unapologetically Different Photographer

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