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When scoping out potential photographers



Ask to see what a FULL gallery of a FULL day (ie: the client deliverable) looks like, for MULTIPLE events.

What does the photographer’s editing style look like in dimly lit, overcast, full sun, sunset, rain, shit mixed overhead lighting…

Ask what the whole gallery looks like.

There’s this thing on tictac or whatever with a hoity-toity influencer pissed about what her photos look like. However, her photos look exactly like what the photographer she hired delivers. She didn’t do enough research and ultimately did not like the editing style. Now she’s mad at the photographer. Although I believe she was working with new or less experienced photographer, not liking the editing style was entirely up to her to determine in the consult and hiring process.

I have screamed it from the top look at full galleries. A mediocre photographer can make a single photo look good or show a nicely curated Instagram feed.

A great photographer will make an entire gallery look like a well curated Instagram feed - except, it’s your wedding.

Ask for galleries.


The Unapologetically Different Photographer

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