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So You're Recently Engaged

Congrats, babe! You're recently engaged! This is so exciting.

Engagement session runs Nov-March, and the peak is New Year's Eve! Love is certainly in the air around Christmas time. Ahh, how sweet!

I, too, got engaged in 2023 (August 13!), and am now planning my own wedding for April 2024! Man, what a trip this is. Wedding planning is hard! Kansas City weddings, especially, can be difficult with the diverse seasons. If you've joined any Facebook wedding groups, you've probably already read that you're late booking, you should have secured a venue before you were engaged and it's going to take two years. I say this tongue in cheek but there's a degree of obnoxious reality that comes with it.

I had planned to make this post about what you should do as soon as you get engaged. Frankly though, I didn't do shit when we got engaged. We started some initial thoughts but both my fiancé and I were smack in the front range of our busiest work seasons - crop farming harvest season and Wedding photo & Portrait photography season (uh, hell fall family photos). So we waited.

And it was glorious. We didn't set anything in motion until mid November. We went three whole months just BEING ENGAGED. ENJOYING OUR ENGAGEMENT. NOT PLANNING. NOT STRESSING. The first three months were truly a blissful engagement period I wish for all of my couples.

Whether you're planning to elope, host a micro-wedding or a full scale wedding event, I urge you do this one thing:

Just be engaged. Give yourself some time. You don't have to set a date right away. You don't even have to think of a date yet. Just, be engaged.

What's something you wish you knew about being fiancé's - that didn't have anything to do with your wedding or marriage? I wish that more people knew you can just enjoy and engagement without the planning.

So if you're recently engaged - yay! You said yes! Now go revel in that. Even for a little while.

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