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Wedding Cakes and New Year's Eve

Updated: Feb 7

Micah and I are hanging out watching Supercross tonight. We talked with his aunt about our potential cake plans, and it's the first time we've discussed them with someone else. It's a pretty special and artful element of our day, so we've put some thought in to it. I was just cruising through Pinterest and went past this rudimentary design, but it caused me to pause my scroll.

I suddenly felt myself transformed back into a New Year's Eve wedding. The first wedding I can remember ever attending. There's a solid possibility it may have been the final moment's of the 80's.

As I stared at the Pinterest pin of a Wilton-inspired wedding cake on my screen I began to actually taste the almond in the cake of the night. It was white, with red decor. Of course it was. It was a New Year's Eve wedding in 1989.

>>I'm not sure where I'm going with this, so if you're in this story for something awe inspiring, bail now. <<

Today, when the aunt asked what flavor we were wanting, I nearly shouted almond. It just occurred to me, 35 years later, that my favorite flavor - and something I'm still excited about - almond white wedding cake, is that purely because of the joy of experiencing my first wedding would bring.

It's pretty crazy that memories can return to us at random moments and suddenly we understand ourselves better from it. I'm starting to think this wedding, and I wish I knew who they were, might be part of why I do this job. Just think of what seeds we might plant with our own wedding days and where they may grow. I hope someone else is as inspired at ours in a few months.

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