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Step into the realm of rebellious romance, where wedding fantasies morph into wild adventures - introducing the Bold Bliss Styled Wedding Content Workshop by Stag & Bird Curated Photo Experiences! Join us June 27th at Sunset Ranch Wedding and Event Space for the electric energy of this affair: think daring blooms bursting with color from local floral vendor Flutter Farms, a couple dripping with charisma, and a cake so jaw-droppingly wow it'll have traditionalists clutching their pearls. But hold onto your hats, because this ain't your grandma's wedding - this is a thrill ride set against the backdrop of the rugged Sunset Ranch Event Space. There's a creek, a cliff and a likely golden sunset for bridal portraits.

As the sun sinks low, painting the sky with fiery hues, you'll find yourself immersed in the intoxicating atmosphere of this workshop. Get ready to unleash your inner rockstar as premier wedding and elopement photographer Courtney Specht of Stag & Bird takes the reins, dishing out expert advice and guidance to capture those heart-stopping moments. From edgy poses to unconventional angles, she'll help you craft images that scream rebellion and ooze with raw emotion.

But that's not the end of the line - because what's a badass wedding without a badass squad of vendors? Dive into the fray with top planner Rose Marie of Creating Memories + More as she spills the tea on how to navigate the wild world of wedding collaborations. Whether it's cracking the code on vendor dynamics or mastering the art of boundary-pushing creativity, Rose's got the insider scoop.

And let's not forget our equine accomplice! Yes, you heard right - amidst the untamed beauty of Sunset Ranch, a majestic horse model awaits, ready to inject a dose of untamed spirit into your photoshoot. Who knew equine elegance could be the ultimate rebel accessory?

So, if you're ready to kick convention to the curb and embrace the wild side of wedding content creation, saddle up for the Bold Bliss Styled Wedding Content Workshop. It's not just an event - it's a revolution in the making, with memories to ignite your soul and images to set your heart ablaze.

Ticket Options available for Content Only or Fully Inclusive. 

Fully Inclusive Workshop event tickets include afternoon workshops, posing practice, guided on site headshots and branding opportunites between attendees, vendor and wedding planner network talk and dinner provided. Photographers in this group will be lead by Court during Content time as well. Event will run approximately 3pm - 9pm. $350 (Very limited availability to keep instruction time as personal as possible). 

Content Only tickets do not include instruction or dinner. Photographers joining this section of event will be provided set stations and model/horse time only. Content only event time will run approximately 6-9pm. $225


Times are subject to change and final timeline for event will be sent to attendees Monday before event. 

studio rentals & mentorships

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Mentorships with Court

Stag & Bird Photography now offers mentorships and photography coaching. If you're looking to improve your photography or business photography skills, Court is accepting mentorship students and internships. Court is strong in building photo branding processes and began brand coaching in 2023. Fill out the below form for more information directly from Court - skip the rental part and leave a comment!.

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