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Bottoms Up! Cheers to a complete 2023!

I’ve been reflecting a lot on 2023, as one does at year’s end. I realized that so much of the trajectory of my business - and life - began very close to this moment. 2020 was the precipice of change for many of us. Notably for me, the cliff of change in how I wanted to carve my name in photography, especially as the landscape of weddings and elopements was evolving. I’m so excited about the travel I have done this year and ultra excited about the 2024 elopements and engagements scheduled at sand dunes, seaside shores, urban rooftops and private vineyards. All of this to say, @jack.stitch & @notwestonmiller I’m sorry Covid cancelled your original wedding plans but please know your choice in switching to an adventure elopement completely changed the way I approach the wedding industry and your support in trying something very wild for a Missouri wedding helped me create an entirely new and now highly sought after genre of elopements in the Midwest. Its clients and supporters like you for which I am ever grateful.

Devil’s Ice box elopement in columbia, ‘, ‘
Devil’s Ice Box elopement in Columbia, MO by Stag & Bird Photography curated elopement experience

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