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420 Wedding featuring Tattoos, Pre-Roll Favors, and a Classic Jag

Look, man, when I met Leah at Jake & Madison's (viral motorcycle burnout wedding) last year and she said they wanted to book me, too, I knew I would be in for a good time.

I didn't know what KIND of good time though. As personal proponent of cannabis consumption, a collector of tattoo art, and a friend of a few of the attendants, I was down to see what adventures would await.

Seeing the 2106 Main art gallery and event space switch into a drool worthy wedding place, with our incredibly detailed bride at the helm, I knew we wouldn't go wrong.

Not to mention the incredibly high vibes (see what I did there) that just wrapped this couple in love.

Check out the images of this 420 Friendly wedding (in a rec legal state). These aren't images to be seen if you're a pearl clutcher, tho.

We do be about some fun loving clients like these. Congrats to PJ + Leah!


The Unapologetically Different Photographer

Kansas City Wedding, Weed Wedding, 420 Wedding, Wedding Tattoos

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